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KAB Strawberry Frosting Matte Lipstick Review

This is another item that came in my September Lip Monthly bag. I have to say I think this was my least favorite item in the bag!  KAB Strawberry Frosting Matte Lipstick is such a bland muted colored lipstick. For me personally I hate this color to my core! I was super disappointed by this color because its not something I would normally wear. I like my lipstick to pop. This color is almost the exact same color of my lips naturally.  With that being said I really like the feel of the  stick. It's a nice long lasting lipstick.  I was super disappointed because I wanted to love everything about this lipstick but I can't love it. In a way I feel like this is an unfair review because I couldn't really enjoy the product even though I can tell by wearing it the lipstick is quality.  I also love this is a cruelty free product. This is something thats very important to me. 

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